05 March, 2009

So Effing Cute

Current/Elliot is a super new denim company (formed in 2008!), but already it has made waves with its really vintage-y feeling rockin denim!
And you have the two creative directors of the brand, Emily Current and Merrit Elliot, to thank for the 'boyfriend' jean getting so popular...another Spring/Summer must-have/should-have! Look how efortlessly rad Rachel-so-effing-cute-Bilson looks! ------------->

I never thought I would say that I would wear a denim dress after the 5th grade or so, but this is just soooo adorable! You could play it up with a chunky wooden necklace, or other sorts of organic-y jewelry (insert cuff). It doesn't have to look so country with a little headband and some flips or wedges.
I am in love.

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