04 March, 2009

So Effing Cute

I have decided I am making "So Effing Cute" a reoccurring segment in my blog.

This morning I stumbled across this American Apparel California FleeceCape ($65). It is so effing cute (note the title)!

It comes in a variety of colors and can make any outfit instantly cooler. And if you read blogs, chances are, you need to be cooler.

Also great for:
  • Morning after

  • A hungover brunch with friends

  • Trying to pass under a bridge with your troll friends

But seriously, I would wear this with: leggings, cropped booties, over-sized leather (or not Stella) handbag, and tons of colorful bangles on my wrist. You will look so LA...or broke as a joke. Take a chance. Also could be cute over a dress for the in-between/what to wear weather that Spring brings! http://store.americanapparel.net/women.html

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