18 March, 2009

So Effing Cute-Shoes

Go get a pedicure now! These new heeled sandals are so effing cute, there is no time to waste!

Any of you that saw me this past fall/winter probably saw me kicking around in my rocking Loefller Randall Anaconda Chocolate Knee High Boots. I loved every second of them. Not only are they so effing cute, but they are so comfortable! Although the brand in general pretty pricey(especially the shoes and handbag lines), they are totally worth every penny. Really, I don't think I have ever worn out a pair of shoes like that so fast! I am still very much in love with them.

I am so stoked to share some of my new favorites from Loefller Randall's Spring 2009 shoes. Swoon-worthy. Now all you need is a pretty dress or two, beach hair, and a stimulus check and you are set for Springtime!

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