12 March, 2009

News Update: Bathing er, Beauty

Definition of denial=refusal to admit the truth or reality.
Bad News: Swimsuit season is almost here
Good News: Studies show that buying a fab new suit can make you feel at least 76% better about your beach body*
Although, I have not tried out these particular suits, I can tell you that these brands fit wonderfully...with real support and real sass (from left to right: Vix, Vitamin A, OnedeMar, Salinas) See all these designers (and more!) at http://www.mollybrownswimwear.com/

Also, these are pretty adorable from the contemporary departments! From left to right: Diane von Furstenburg, Juicy Couture, Shoshanna, Shoshanna). You can find these online at Neiman, Nordstrom, Bloomindales, etc.

Here are some cutesy coverups for a little shade or when you are inside the beach house making another pitcher of margs, pina coladas, sangria, or lemonade/ getting really burnt

Bad News: Tanning beds can catch fire...as if the possibility of skin cancer didn't already scare your pale ass out of one

Good News: Lindsay Lohan has created a new line of spray tan that is supposed to be less crappy than past brands' pathetic attempts to create the 'healthy' glow we so desire (note: streaky orange hands on women everywhere)

Even Better News: The perfect tan/healthy tan can make you look 30-45% thinner*

THE BEST NEWS: Self-Acceptance (with a few downed Margaritas) goes a looong way when you strut your stuff on the beach! Fashion rule: Love Thyself.

* These statements are not based upon real research, but only on my own super sociological observations throughout the years, through a sort of self-experimental evidence.

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