13 March, 2009

Music, Man

Since it is Spring cleaning season, I thought you lovely people might need some new music to get you motivated through cleaning out the closet (which I already did! And made me wonder why would I ever keep anything that I wore in college? oh god, why is there an Arden B. in the Raleigh mall? And why did we think chokers made us look good?)

So here are some great ways to discover some new jams depending on your taste. First, if you have never really explored the Podcast directory on Itunes, you totally should. My favorite is "KEXP's song of the day". They just give you a free song with no talking or interruption everyday! The famous Seattle station has helped to introduce me to some of my favs from last year including: MGMT, Fleet Foxes, The Broken West, Okkervil River, She and Him, etc.

Also, I know you are going to make fun, but by going to the Urban Outfitters Blog right now, they are featuring a playlist for SXSW 2009. It is a long streaming list of the indie hopefuls for this year, its a great way to say "I've heard of these guys before they were
 famous"...I mean, if you are that pretentious to ever use that line...which I am. 
Or go to the official website to explore more Austin amazingness...rcb wants to move there so badly, but I won't let him: www.sxsw.com

NPR is a great source and the website (as well as the podcast) features "All Songs Considered", just in case you are too busy jamming out on your way to work to catch your daily dose of NPR...they have news too...its crazy I know!

Hypem.com  and playlist.com helps you gather all of your new favs and the latter will put it on a playlist for you to listen to! So if you are at work, these are great sources to stream some tunes. 

If that information was a little overwhelming for you then I have compiled a list of songs/artists that I think my readers would enjoy right now:

Oh this list does not contain any rap, I do not listen to such things.

Bird and the Bee-Love Letter to Japan
New Pornographers-Hey, Snow White
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings-Inspiration Information
Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Zero
Bon Iver-Skinny Love
Telepathe-So Fine
Madeline Peyroux-Homeless Happiness
Passion Pit-Sleepyhead
She and Him-Why do you let me stay here?

That should be enough to get y'all started into some fresher tunes! Enjoy!

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