17 March, 2009

Marrakech? What a Catch!

Back to Earth.
I am such a sucker for anything that is called Marrakech, ethnic chic, hippie, vintage, ibiza, ombre, etc. I am also a sucker for beer titled "Purple Haze" or the "Bohemian Highway" wine, I feel like my buzz is so much more colorful. Who knows, I am just a sucker for labeling. But every once in a while my instinct leads me to great things.

For example, Matthew Williamson's Spring 2009 show. I am pretty obsessed with this "Marrakech" One shouldered chiffon gown. I only have two problems with this dress, can I wear it to Angry Ale's on any given trivia night (hah, like I go out on weekdays), and two, can I get a loan to purchase said item?

Who cares, I am in love, again. The sunset-like pallet of colors are weighed down just enough with the black belt and accents. Love it!

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