03 March, 2009

Mainstream Wedding?

Does anyone remember when Jcrew was awfully boring, the same patterns year after year, I had the same colorblock bikini in a different color every year in high school...they were da bomb, right?

We should all praise Jenna Lyons (of 'Jenna's Picks), Jcrew's creative director. Upon her hire, she spun things around and made Jcrew wearable again, I mean Lauren Hutton still appears, but that' sabout it (btw-I love Lauren Hutton). Thanks to Jenna, we all have wonderfully bright cropped jackets, and simple summer dresses that last forever...or as long as we will wear them.

For those dedicated followers of Jcrew's office-appropriate chic, there is Jcrew wedding. Personally, I love this. I have a friend who used bridesmaid dresses from Jcrew and they looked really classic. (Bright Mandarin dresses with fuchsia flowers). But what I really love are some of the wedding dresses themselves, who knew?

Spring '09's Silk Taffeta Sashca Gown is stunning, and it comes in champagne (for those of us who choose to be honest about our college years) and ivory (for those of us who lie):

What do y'all think about J.crew for your wedding? Let me re-phrase: If by the Armageddon, your significant finally asks you, would you consider letting J.Crew be apart of your special day right before the book of Revelations becomes reality?

But really girls, there is hope.

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