23 March, 2009

LC Shuts it Down-Viva La Fashion World

Some people watch The Hills, some watch The City..but still, noone is buying Lauren Conrad's clothes.
Her busybee of a PR agent sent this statement out to boutique owners and showrooms alike:
"In light of the economic climate, Lauren has decided to completely rethink her line"..also stating that she wants to use more "high-end fabrics"...Idoes she mean less sweatshoppy?

Rethink? What, no one wanted to pay $100-200 a pop on some ill fitting jersey line? NO! I admit I have a dress, but in my defense I bought it at a boutique that was going out of business last year for $15 and it is worn as a cover-up...just to clarify.

So onward and upward for the fashion industry...and yet I continue to wait patiently for Lindsay's Self Tanner, Sevin Nyne...
You know... I think it was the beret on the catwalk that did the line in...what do you think?

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