03 March, 2009

I Am In Love-Heidi Merrick

My new love? No, its not a new tween dream, its designer Heidi Merrick.

If I had a checklist of what I like to wear, her designs follow all of them...wait, I do have a checklist:

Dresses that make me feel pretty (like Maria in WSS)-✓
Flowy tops-✓
Long Skirts-✓
no bra necessary tops and dresses-✓
Wearable silk and satin-✓
Bright colors-✓
Racerbacks and scoop backs-✓
So yeah, great stuff here. She is a smaller label so right now her lines are only available in sizes 2,4,6...but I am sure it will expand. Check out all of her recent awesome collections: http://www.heidimerrick.com/collection/index.html

Whatever. Give me a dress, a headband and a group of hand-holding hippies singing 'Aquarius'...and for god's sake GIVE ME SUMMER!

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