20 March, 2009

Heaven in a Handbag

There are handbags, and then there are 'make all the women in the room hate you instantly' handbags. To me, that is a Bottega Veneta. I love their ads. I love the weight of the purses, the texture. And I love how they are subtly recognizable without plastering any gaudy lettering or emblem all over them. They are the epitome of the boho-chic classy look I long for, only...on an Olsen twin budget. 

Dear Santa (the earlier the better, right?), I promise if you ever give have the purse below, I promise to never put a carton of Marlboro Reds in it...or any type of diet supplement. I will actually place nothing inside except for a camera so I can be pictured toting this badass accessory around. Thank you for listening, I will be good this year.  Amen.

Here she is, the Large Veneta Crocodile Bag ($19,500)...Crocodile is so slimming, too!

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