09 March, 2009

DO NOT Wear this! EVER

This is the complete opposite of 'What Would Zooey Wear"...in fact, this should not be worn by anyone...unless of course you are on a boat in Michigan with Kid Rock...then you can wear an American flag on anything (bathing suit, towel, koozie, thongs,etc)...but let's just say that you were on said boat, you would not be wearing this much covering...

Why Did our wonderful Catherine Malandrino do this? Is she haunted by Old Navy's $4 '4th of July' Tees? Is this her deal with the devil? I usually love CM's sassy looks....usually a go-to contemporary designer when I am trying to look pretty...but this, just heinous...Elch!
I am giving EVERY reader the permission to 'slap a b' if seen wearing this.
BOOO Catherine Malandrino BOOOOOOO

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