28 March, 2009

Dirty Hippie-Asheville Edition

I just googled the term "dirty hippie" in an attempt to show my wonderful readers how awful the people in Asheville dress. Sadly, I could not find the kind of clothing/apparel/"style" that I saw today in the GreenLife grocery store. I did however, see many dreadlocks and that gross piercing that Christina Aguilera used to have on her chin. My little North Face I was wearing did not go over well in this environment...neither does my Land Rover...or asking for paper bags. It turns out these guys like being green...not to be confused with clean (dreadlocks). 

Now you might be thinking, "but Sarah, I thought you liked hippies"...yes gentle reader I do...I like my hippies like I like my friends...pretty, clean, and with goals..I do not like the ones who think that G. Love/Dave/Phish/the Ying Yang symbol are still cool.

Do not get me wrong, Asheville is good for a few things: good b
eer, great food, fab music venues, the leaves in the fall, and the yoga community. This town may grow organic vegetables, fruits, chefs, dreads, herbs (gross), and slackers...but one thing that it does not grow: STYLE. GET ME OUTTA HERE! IF I SEE ONE MORE BEENIE I MIGHT COMBUST!
 Oh look...dirty hippies in Asheville--->

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