02 March, 2009

A Chain's Loss=A Massive Gain for Eyesight

Don't lie to yourself, you have all worn a Limited item at one time in your life. Whether it was a "Peace Love Limited " over-sized white tee from LTD Too from your younger years (er, my younger years, circa '95), or a pair of terrible black trousers that you wore when you were "going out" freshman year of college (the horror!).
Even if you have never shopped at The Limited, I know you have all owned some Sun Ripened Raspberry/Cucumber Melon before. So it might be sad to know that The Limited Brand, including Express, Bath and Body shop and the Ltd. stores reported a 95% loss in the fourth quarter of '08. Just another victim of the recession is sad, meaning job loss for a lot of people. However, there is a brightside.
I side with Anna Wintour on the positive effects of the recession on the fashion world.

When asked about the smaller amount of designers showing at the tents for NY's Fall 09 Fashion Week, the Devil simply said "There’s definitely more presentations [this season], which I actually think is a great thing because a lot of people before were having shows that simply shouldn't have been having them".

Exactly. I think this idea trickles down to the malls/chain stores as well. These majorly boring entities do not deserve our business, because they are not giving us what we want. We want creativity, things to actually fit, appropriately priced times, some freakin individuality in our wardrobe, and sales associates that do not talk endlessly about how cute a sparkly one shouldered shirt is while chomping on bubbleyum. And of course, I cannot fail to mention the fact that these stores tend to use sweatshops as means of producing their ugly crap in high quantities. For more information go to: http://www.coopamerica.org/programs/sweatshops/. My sociology professors would be so proud!

And no one needs to smell like Sun Ripened Raspberry ever again.

Here's to the possibility of a new era of independent designers to inspire us all, and control given back to the boutique/ mom and pop businesses...and to Anna Wintour, I love her, I would be scared to say otherwise.


Jade Bordeaux said...

I should have known this was YOUR blog! I just clicked on it to see who was talking smack about the Limited.
excuse me, Missy...but I still wear The Limited sweaters all of the time, and I will sometimes purchase something from V.S (who just came out with a new completly organic line that is GREAT...that you may have read about if you WERE following me too)or Bath and Body Works-not Sun Ripened Rasp. either.
Geez!!! Cut us poor girls some slack. LOL
I dont want you to follow me though. HMMPH!
Got anything sweet back there in your desk? I'm craving something sweet.
You can erase this,cool girl!

Cardozo said...

Thanks for doing your part to spread the word about sweatshop abuses!

Here's an update on the anti-sweatshop movement that your readers might find interesting.


luluproper said...

Yes! Sun ripened raspberry! I had completely forgotten about that. As I was reading it the smell hauntingly came back to me. Down with sweatshops!

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