25 March, 2009

calling all baking nerds and wannabe domestic goddesses

I love baking, I love holidays...I LOVE LOVE Baking for holidays! Since it is such a drab day in the Queen City, I decided to look forward to the next holiday-Easter!
I have always loved Easter for the most self-indulgent reasons: I got a new dress/hat, my mom would decorate the house (Griswold-style) with bunnies and pastel eggs, and I would get awesome amounts of candy, what 7 -year old will say no to a basket full of chocolate bunnies and teeth-rotting robin's eggs?
So back to baking, if you are going to let's say your in-laws house for Easter dinner (or anywhere else that you would want to make your best baking impression), you might consider making some of these amazing desserts! These are so beautiful, they could be centerpieces! Chocolate Cake with Crepe Paper Flowers and a Phyllo Nest

recipe from Martha Stewart (who else?) Carrot Cheesecake with Marzipan Carrots

for recipe, click {here}


if Martha Stewart ain't up your alley, this super simple cake is so fun!

Daisy Cake

click here for recipe

Well, looking through these cakes put me in a much better mood, they are so effin cute! Most of these recipes are a little difficult (at least the decorating, not the bunny cake!)...but trust me a beautiful, homemade dessert is ALWAYS worth the effort! ...hint hint Frath!

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