12 March, 2009

Bee Nice

I had an issue this morning that really hurt my feelings. I am a really sensitive person (I can dish/judge, but cannot take!)

So I thought, this would be a perfect time to spread some love and kindness out in the world. So let's call this "WWMOD"...that is, "what would Michelle Obama do"?

I have really grown to respect our First Lady's Grace, and yeah that's grace with a capitol "G"...she is just that Great.

As women especially, we can take things very personally sometimes, I do not even need to provide examples because I am sure that you are thinking of some personal plight right now. Can you honestly imagine what Michelle Obama is thinking when she reads tabloids about her husband or her personal life? Or how about the reviews that she looked "awkward" on the cover of Vogue? Hurtful, yes. Any real reason these comments were said? No, just jealousy...I would kill to be on the cover of Vogue...and anyone else would, too.

So what does she do? Fight back? Bad strategy...she would never. She just goes on and looks as fabulous as can be. And her arms. That woman and her arms! That will show em and it does! No I am not suggesting to start lifting the weights and downing protein shakes, but simply to take things in stride. Go Michelle. Thank you for being a pillar of grace and humility for all of us. So if you see someone who needs a smile today, just think "WWMOD"?

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