26 March, 2009

Attn: All Yoginis!

Lululemon is my FAVORITE brand of workout clothes. They make the best clothes for hot yoga classes, running, lounging, and beyond! The stuff fits like a dream! But the Charlotte store closed...So, I am super excited that on April 1st, they are FINALLY launching the online store! I can't wait! So girls listen up, if you plan on being one of those stay at home moms that run every morning and meet your girlfriends at Starbucks on East Blvd afterwards, Lululemon will keep you looking hot all morning long!

Lululemon's site also features a "goaltender", a place where you can set up your own goals and aspirations for your life and includes inspiration that you can download! It is a really sweet application that you should definitely try out...perfect for the changes that Spring can bring!

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