19 March, 2009

Attention: Stop the Bump-Its

I am not a judgemental person. Lies.
Judge away at the newest example of why home shopping channels should come with a warning label (do not buy any of it).
I can't lie to you, I have thought about purchasing those electrodes that you place on your abs to give you a 6-pack...but I did not (sadly, I still do not even have a 4-pack).

My friend Whitney (who, bless her soul, loves LOVES pink Birkenstocks) told me about "BumpIts". She does not need to buy them because this girl seriously has rockstar
Pantene pro-v hair...yeah, me too. BumpIts are essentially banana clips...which no one should have...along with the claw clip(see previous blog post: Stop The Claw).
The deal is: you pick the color that is most similar to yours (Country Bumpkin Blonde, Stripper Brunette, or Amy Winehouse Buzzkill Black) and simply clip underneath a patch of hair ...and then hairspray the crap out of it. Sounds fun/attractive right?
So I thought I should should give a warning to all, no one needs a 'BumpIt'...unless of course you are on your way to win your local County Fair's beauty pageant, where these are necessities! I now give you permission to help out your fella lady and politely tell her that these are unsightly and should leave her head and never come back...and you will probably also have to tell these women that a black bra under a white shirt is not sexy either.

Yeah I want to look like these women (notice the website, bighappiehair.com):

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Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

I sit behind Whitney at work, and I can say that she always looks a hot mess with ponytail crease in hair constantly. She had a client meeting this morning and rocked the Hot Hollywood BumpIt (in an effort to look like a brunette version of her fave celebrity Jessica Simpson, natch). Let me just say that her hair looks worse than the weaves Tyra Banks insists on wearing each Wednesday on Top Model. Seriously. I posted her picture on BigNappieHair.com

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