27 February, 2009

Take a Breath! Self-Care

This is the last Friday in February? When did this happen?
Every Friday I get really excited about all of my potential plans for a great weekend. I am so grateful to say that I am very happy in my life right now, but I always wish for the weekends to be just a little longer (I am usually late on Monday mornings "just 5 more minutes").
The weekends seem to fly by whereas Wednesdays stay forever. What's that about?!
How can we learn to enjoy what we have? No, I am not pushing a yoga class on anyone, but I have learned some great things from my fellow yogis on appreciating the smaller moments in life, and I want to share some of the things that really help me out:

  • Take a deep breath! Sometimes I realize that I haven't all day. It can slow down your anxiety levels, even when you are not consciously stressed, it can relieve all sorts of tension!
  • walk around, maybe your office, maybe your neighborhood. getting your circulation moving always feels good
  • be quiet! have you ever challenged yourself to no radio/music in your car or at work? or choosing not to turn on the TV...it is the small little things that can make us look around at our surroundings and begin to appreciate all of them
  • smile! you are friends with me, that should make you smile, its an exclusive club,
  • exercise (ugh)...its true though, I am a strong believer that if you are strong physically, you are emotional strong as well...
  • enjoy that latte/glass of wine/bottle of wine that you spent your hard earned cash on! sip by sip, instead of by gulp and try to enjoy the company that you are consuming it with, even if it is just yourself (hopefully not the bottle of wine part, but go for it Joaquin)

Buddha says: Have a great weekend! Love you Bitches!

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