24 February, 2009

Spring into a Jumpsuit, Jenny Does it!

Have you ever wanted to jump out of an airplane? Ok, I do not want to do such life-threatening things. This also includes skiing (water and snow), skating (ice, roller, etc), jumping on trampolines, swimming in tide pools, and driving over bridges.

But what I do love are jumpsuits! I have been made fun of my love for the Jumpsuit for a while now. Make fun now, but when you see how rocking and comfortable they can be, you will want to 'jump' into one as well.

Look how cute, by Shopbop.com's new brand "Madewell"

Obviously my inspiration comes from the one and only, Jenny Lewis. Here is a pic of her jamming out with Zooey Deschanel (While watching this, I almost cried, I was so happy...just ask Ryan). Two amazing style icons for our generation. Minus Jenny's loser boyfriend in the background. He's like Osama Sam Lutfi to Britney, except that he helps her make music instead of do drugs and hit the paps with umbrellas. I am pretty sure that JL's jumpsuit is either handmade, or vintage, which of course makes her that much cooler. Much love Jenny, much love.
So get ready for Spring! I am gonna get in mah jumpsuit!

P.S. Buyer Beware: Do not purchase jumpsuits from the following companies: Baby Phat, unless of course you are Mary J. Blige or Lady Gaga.

Thank you.

1 comment:

Jade Bordeaux said...

Ahhh man! That means I have to drive all the way to Eastland Mall after work today :(
What about J.LO?

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