19 February, 2009

Scrub In!

Hey all (Shiva)

I am so freakin excited about this blog. I have so many amazing things to offer this world, it would be selfish to not share them right?

So, I wanted to start off with something relevant to us all. And that is saving money, of course.

I am learning what this means...savings...interesting concept. In these economic times...blah blah blah. We should know how to do cool things anyways. I mean, who doesn't love recipes and home remedies from our grandmothers/aunts/mothers?
This all being said, here are a few quick beauty remedies for dollars, and a few cents, but not as many as before.

I was buying this AMAZING brown sugar body scrub by Fresh Cosmetics. OMG it smells soo good, and I feel pretty smooth and amazing after I use it. Here is the catch, it is a whopping $65 per tub! God, I am a sucker. From now on, i am going to use the following and make my own.

1/2 C-Jojoba Oil/Grape seed Oil, Olive Oil, or Almond Oil (or any other oil that you enjoy the fragrance)
1 C-Sugar (granulated, brown or Raw) OR Sea Salt
5-10 drops of desired oil (for the scent) You could also use any type of extract (ex: Peppermint, orange, lemon, ginger, or vanilla) or if you wanted, rose, or some other hippie-type scent..patchouli anyone?...just me...ok

Combine all ingredients in a bowl until they are spread-out evenly. Place in pretty (or ugly) tub. And das it y'all!
If after a while this dries up a bit, simply add a few more drops of oil and re-mix.

Also, you can add a few drops of food coloring (a few, and not the Wilton kind, just generic store brand), but really who cares what your scrub looks like.

I will let you know how mine turns out! Happy Scrubbing!


ShivaJean said...

If I send you a FexEx slip, will you make me some :)

ShivaJean said...

FedEx...not FexEx

Jade Bordeaux said...


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