27 February, 2009

An Open Letter to My Dearest Stella

Dear Stella (McCartney, of course),
I love, love, love you. I love your father (I was a member of his fan club when I was in 3rd grade). I love your deep care for all living things. I love how all of your clothes are made with consideration to your vegetarian values. You are indeed the real deal.I do wish that your lines were more reasonably priced so I could actually afford some, not just at the rack sale at Bob Ellis, but a girl can dream. I love your fashion shows, it turns out we both love jumpsuits! It seems you must be working really hard lately, an exclusive line for RTW (ready-to-wear) online webstore fav http://www.net-a-porter.com/, a Pre-Fall 09 Collection, and lastly, a new collection for your ever-growing Adidas collaboration. Although, I think the (adidias) designs scream edgy, urban, and totally unique...I have a hard time imagining myself ever wearing this tunic to a yoga class of any kind. If you can name anyone who would wear this to get their ohm on, then let me know. These ridiculously creative designs make me feel that either you have never worked out, or that I am extremely uncool, and dress like a mom when I work out.
Both could be true.
But thanks for the other goodness, keep that up!

1 comment:

Jade Bordeaux said...

eww, that is real nice and SCARY! Looks like a mix between something from Passion of Christ and Star Wars. You're not uncool or mommish, you are sane.Thank God!
If I saw you in this, I would not think you were a daring fshionista AT ALL anymore, I'd think someone forgot to take their lithium. Crazy!

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