20 February, 2009

NC Awesomeness-Earring Edition

Do you know what I really hate? Strong word. I find it quite annoying when someone says "hey are those earrings/rings/bracelets from ...."? I like to wear jewelry that is different and unique. I love antique costume jewelry and pieces that look like I stole them from a grandmother's jewelry box. I feel that it's hard to express yourself in unique clothing unless you make them, and that is pretty disastrous, at least in my experience...PJ bottoms ended up more like a pillowcase.

That is why I encourage you to look at www.etsy.com if you have not ever been there already! It is filled with a million independent designers and artisans alike. You can find lots of cool things there, and lots of weirdo emo stuff too. But the blogs and customer reviews can help find cool things that are worth looking at/purchasing! There are lots of neato vintage re-designers too. Sooo inspiring! 

Look what I found this morning: these great pair of handmade brass earrings. The designer lives in the NC Mountains and gets her inspiration from the beauty of nature...yeah who doesn't? Anyways, they are really great and totally affordable... PLUS you are totally helping out a budding artist. Doesn't that feel good? Yeah, take that corporate America!!

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