23 February, 2009

Mandatory Oscar Blog

Here are a few trends that I noticed at the big O's last night:

***Hugh Jackman is the ultimate. I believe he might be god. Or at least one of Santa's elves, he is just that full of goodness***

  • Angie's Jewelry was the only thing that sparkled on her, obvi no Oscar, thank god...home wreckers like her do not deserve the golden naked man, she clearly owns one (BP)
  • Who invited Miley?
  • I am extremely grateful for all of the updos, I mean we have seen enough hair in starlets faces, lets have a little sophisticated glam shall we?
  • Amy Adams dress...was elch, but that Fred Leighton necklace!! I am in love
  • Lots of boring strapless, didn't P Cruz wear that last year in a different color? (I hate on her bc I feel she is also a home wrecker)
  • I am sure that if my grandmother was still alive and was invited to the Oscars, she would have worn Sophia Lauren's dress, but I think she would have opted out of the choker. The hair would be the same however. This is where I get it from
  • Heidi's dress=boring/was clearly made out of some type of thick paper
  • Jennifer Aniston. Say what you want, she looks radiant, faux tan and all. Yes, she always ALWAYS plays it safe, but g-friend knows what works. And long before Nicole Richie was throwing them braids up, Jen was all over them. Team Aniston 4 ever.

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