26 February, 2009

It's a FIRE sale...how to nab a deal online!

I know it may be hard to believe that you can great deals online, but I am telling you, it is totally possible, especially right now...Sales are everywhere! Even Barneys and Saks are having great deals online! The world is a changin!

Here are some quick steps for easy sales browsing...and to get the stuff you want now:

  1. Go to your favorite shopping webstore and sign up for emails, it can be kind of annoying to constantly get emails, but some are worth it, giving you special promo codes/or the first one to view the sales. (may fav=http://www.shopbop.com/...but you all know that!)
  2. Lucky Magazine is amazing, not as good as Domino (omg i might cry)- But if you opt out of buying the detailed monthly shopping bible, you can still score the "Lucky Breaks". Again, you have to sign up...but this is a give and take kinda world right? www.luckymag.com/breaks gives you exclusive promo codes, sometimes on entire websites! Usually the discount can be used for the two months that the promo code is offered, and its usually 25% off.
  3. Sign up for sale alerts by http://www.shopstyle.com/. It gives you plenty of viewing options for your personalized alerts, choose from all of your favorite designers, stores, and sizes that are applicable and choose how many alerts that you want daily/weekly/etc. Mine is on daily, so if I am waiting on one coveted item to go on sale, I get right to it, or else, girls you will miss out! http://www.shopittome.com/ is basically the same idea
  4. Sign up for Daily Candy Daily Updates. Daily Candy is super fun and easy to read, and at the bottom left of each daily email, they give you the candy deal of the day. http://www.dailycandy.com/
  5. Can you tell what I do a lot at work? Look through sales? Yeah that's about right...I am also really good at organizing/watching House episodes at my desk among other skills.
  6. http://www.slickdeals.net/ can be useful if you check it daily, it is mostly electronics though (special shoutout to Ryan and the Nerd Heard)
  7. Online Sample sales are actually pretty legitimate, sometimes you have to be "personally invited" to them...like the Guilt Group. Ask me if you want to join any of these. The merchandise in the online sample sale rooms move fast though, so you cant wait, you either buy on impulse or not
  8. If you are ever curious of any promo codes (I heart promo codes, it feels so good to watch your shopping cart get a 25% discount!), just google whatever store/brand you are looking for, such as "Jcrew Promo Codes", you may have to read through some blogs, but some work... A lot of them are the family/friends discount code not otherwise available to the public.
  9. You can also call the toll free numbers on the websites (yes, I have done this) and ask for promo codes, just the other day at http://www.basicboutique.com/ I asked the girl if they had any right now, and she just gave me the employee ones! 25%!...I felt very good that day, although I left my shopping cart behind and did not chose to purchase anything, I felt a type of woman camaraderie and we all know what the world needs now)

    So I know that sounds like a lot of work but "Being Thrifty is the New Black"

And now, a fire sale announcement by Tobias F√ľnke:

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