25 February, 2009

Ode to a Hip-Hippie Summer

Amy influenced me to write my own Summer blog. I am sure we are not the only ones who wish for those warm fun filled days, I am feeling awfully frump-tastic in boots/scarves everyday.

Being a grown up means that we don't get three months of fun ever again (unless you are a teacher...boo), but we do get lots of opportunities to drink margs (out of mason jars-see Amy's blog)... so I guess that is a trade-off.

My favorite part about Summer? Not wearing a bra of course, looking pretty, and channeling my inner hippie...which I guess is pretty much the same thing. So you could get sad that you are not having any Summer Lovin, or you could take advantage of the sales that are happening RIGHT NOW! (bluefly,shopstyle.com, etc)...see next blog for shopping details!

Summer to-do's:

-The Maxi Dress, also called 'the Hostess' or 'Patio Dress'-simple, beautiful, couldn't be easier to pull of, with flips, wedges, or espadrilles
-Nude Sandals, casual and dressy (think weddings...and then get pissed that they are not yours, and then get happy that you buy new shoes anyways...and will one day have that Le Cresuet set no matter what)
-Major prints (maja)-ethnic-like ...I think "What would Shiva's people wear?"
-Organic-y and bold jewelry (wooden necklaces, jewel-tones, etc).. oooh and cuffs, god I love cuffs
- Bright colors, neon and beyond!
-I love shift dresses and will be forever indebted to them for coming back into style, especially after a few beers (bloat)
-TUNICS! Everyone can wear a good tunic, my fav brands: Tory Burch (classicly fit tunics)...also great tunics can be found at Indian or World Market-y stores!
- scents with light notes of jasmine, tuberose, violet, and of course patchouli!

Peace, man
Viva La Summer Hippie-ness! Just a few more months!

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