19 February, 2009

Fashion Smashion Week

This Spring's New York Fashion week has shown how different the world has changed in just one year! People are scalping tickets to the tents, designers have pulled out of the costly tent shows for more private, less expensive showings, and sponsors have also changed. Instead of Mercedes-Benz sponsoring, its now McDonald's! Crazy times. Some things don't change though, and that is designers trying to reach out to the masses, with creative and inspiring designs. I could talk about this stuff all day. But I just wanted to address Tibi's Fall 2009 show.
Obviously I was not there, but it looks like Amy Smilovic has gotten back to her roots, to stuff that works...and I know Amy Young will agree with me, pretty, bright dresses ALWAYS work.
Thank you Tibi, for not sucking like you did for Spring '09. And thank you for not giving me an awesome job. I do not like minimum wage. I also really like Charlotte now.

Here is my favorite look, that I would actually wear.
A more affordable, Tibi-like look can be found at:


Bill Morrison said...

I mcdonalds can do it, so can I. I will sponsor a design show. I have a two man tent here and it is so lovely. The rain fly works great! Who do you think will be at my show - Gucci? Channel? Jojo?

Jade Bordeaux said...

Love the dress! Just not the belt with it. Im so "unfashionable"!
Where are the "Jellies"? jk-sorta

Jade Bordeaux said...

...now that I look at it again, I kinda like the belt. It still needs jellies.

ShivaJean said...

"Thank you Tibi..." No no...Thank YOU Shopbop!

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