23 February, 2009

The Claw-The End of Good Hair

We all know it, some of us own one...the claw clip. These are ugly and should be reprimanded by the authorities. Not only are they dangerously unattractive, they can be used as weapons. First word, CLAW=weapon. Please help me in my quest to end the claw clips' lifespan. These are NOT a fashion alternative, they are simply an eyesore.

Stop the Claw!

Still not convinced? I can compare the atrocities that the claw clip causes with other fashion No-No's: camel toes, slap bracelets, scrunchies, mullets, thick blonde highlites on dark hair, clear bra straps, things with a lot of glitter on them (especially that spell things out like "fame" or "babe"...see also Sarah and Shiva's closets circa 2000), and anything from Hollister/Abercrombie/Aeropostale.

So please help out a fellow woman in need. If you should see a clip resembling this image, then please pull it out of the offender's hair immediately. A fight might break out, but a revolution never goes without it's casualties.

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